Identity and Access Management

RSA SecurID® Suite

Four Points can enable your organizaiton to mitigate identity and access management risks while maintaining compliance, addressing "Shadow IT", and much more. RSA SecurID® Suite is the only identity and access management solution that combines the separate disciplines of access management, identity assurance, identity governance, and identity lifecycle. It goes far beyond the capabilities of traditional identity and access management systems to provide identity assurance through a wide range of convenient authentication solutions including traditional hard tokens, soft tokens, single sign-on, biometrics, and more.

RSA SecurID® Suite provides the most actionable insight into identities and user access so that you can protect your enterprise from both external and insider threats.

RSA SecurID® Access


Deliver secure and convenient access for any user, from anywhere, to anything. Secure your most sensitive applications and information without compromising legitimate users' ability to access them quickly and easily from any device, anywhere. Effectively manage access to all of your applications, whether cloud, mobile, web, or traditional on-premise with a single, unified identity management solution. Make access decisions based on a user's typical log-in behavior, their role, and other contextual factors. Employ a range of authentication methods from traditional RSA SecurID® hardware and software tokens to mobile and biometric-based options. 

Single Sign-On

Reduce risk using the trusted, reliable access controls. Validate users' identities and enable sign-on to the leading web and SaaS applications, native mobile apps, and traditional enterprise resources (including VPNs, firewalls, virtual desktops, and Windows or Linux servers).

Identity as a Service (IDaaS)

With RSA SecurID® Access Premium Edition, your organization can minimize identity as a threat vector, and can increase IT's flexibility to remove the friction between lines of business and IT - and the accompanying threat of unapproved "Shadow IT".

RSA® Identity Governance and Lifecycle

RSA® Identity Governance simplifies how user access is governed across the enterprise, making it possible to achieve sustainable compliance by fully automating the monitoring, reporting, certification, and remediation of user entitlements. 

RSA® Identity Lifecycle delivers a streamlined, automated access request, approval, fulfillment, and de-provisioning process that includes embedded policy controls. It gives security teams complete control over and visibility into who has access to what.

RSA Authentication Manager Platform

RSA Authentication Manager is the platform behind RSA SecurID®. It allows for centralized management of the RSA SecurID® environment, including authentication methods, users, applications, and agents across multiple physical sites. RSA Authentication Manager verifies authentication requests, and centrally administers authentication policies for organizations' end users. 

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