Four Points Partners with Amazon Web Services

Four Points Technology and Amazon Web Services (AWS) support the Federal Government’s Cloud First initiatives for all Civilian and Defense Agencies. The AWS cloud provides scalable, cost-efficient solutions that reduce costs, drive innovation, and meet Federal mandates.

AWS is the leading provider of NIST-compliant cloud solutions to the Federal Government, delivering Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) in multiple FedRAMP authorized environments, including the GovCloud region supporting to FISMA High.

AWS is continuously enhancing their offering with new solutions and on-going reductions in cost. These include more powerful compute capabilities, flexible storage options, and new tools to better manage large enterprise solutions migrating to the cloud.

Based on its capacity, pricing, and commitment to on-going enhancements, AWS is recognized by Gartner as the IaaS leader in terms of both execution and vision as demonstrated in Gartner’s latest “Magic Quadrant”.

The completeness, scalability, and security of the AWS cloud make it possible to migrate virtually any workload to AWS with speed, flexibility, and cost points that are impossible to achieve in traditional data centers.

Four Points Technology has been delivering AWS to the Federal government since 2012, and offers AWS on all our major contracts – SEWP V, CIO-CS, FirstSource II, and GSA Schedule 70 under SIN 132-40.

Four Points’ approach to AWS is to provide our customers with the maximum flexibility and transparency – allowing customers to use only the AWS resources they need, to easily change configurations as their requirements develop, and to have direct, immediate insight into their utilization and spending. Four Points provides our customers with direct access to AWS management tools, implementation services added only if the customer requires them.

The result is a model that retains the flexibility specified in the NIST definition of cloud computing, and closely parallels the way Government typically buys traditional IT compute, storage, networking and software – all with a much quicker, more flexible, and cost effective delivery model.



Four Points and AWS

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